Early Stage Investment Blog: Open for Business - 02/24/2008

Welcome to the Early Stage Investment Blog. As a new early stage investor, over the coming months and years, I will chronicle my adventures seeking and making angel investments, and occasionally discuss other private equity investment areas. My company, First Ascent Ventures, LLC, is the entity I created to make private equity investments. I am based in New Hampshire.

What’s with the name? When I was opening my business checking account, the banker said “Sounds like something related to climbing.” Well, it kind of is. As a mountain climber myself, I appreciate the bold style and vision of climbers who branch out into the unknown, creating something new. These are the same qualities that make great new companies. Thus I hatched the name, First Ascent Ventures.

I hope you enjoy following this journey, whether you are considering investing in these types of deals yourself, or are an entrepreneur considering seeking investment capital, or anyone else interested in this space. To someone on the outside, angel investing can seem secretive and mysterious. Hopefully I will change that.

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